Agilis is a statistics and technology consultancy committed to providing specialised statistical and information engineering services to any organisation involved in the production, management and delivery of statistical information. Our customers collect, produce, use or deliver official statistics or statistics in related fields, such as policy making, economic and social research, or scientific research and clinical trials. They range from national statistical offices, government administrations and public sector agencies to international organisations; and from central banks to research institutes, NGO’s or private companies.

Agilis is a customer-centric company. Our aim is to assist our customers with expertise and solutions applicable to the entire data-to-information life cycle. We offer them statistical services, ranging from survey design and actual data collection to methodological advice, data quality, data analysis and statistical publications. We design and implement data management solutions for data collection, statistical data and metadata management, statistical data exchange, information visualisation and dissemination.

Agilis is a knowledge company, operating since 1998 and the key experts of our team have accumulated since then many years of in-depth hands-on expertise in the demanding requirements of methodology and information technology for statistics. Our team consists of highly qualified statisticians and software engineers of post-graduate or PhD level in their fields. This combination of sound academic background and experience along with our culture of scientific and engineering competence have always been our most valuable assets.

Agilis is an interdisciplinary company because the information management problems of our customers demand an interdisciplinary approach: one cannot develop robust statistical information systems without deep knowledge of the specific requirements implied by the very nature of statistical information, and conversely one cannot undertake difficult statistical tasks without an in-house ability to effectively harness information technology and develop custom tools and solutions. Our competitive advantage is the same concept that motivated the foundation of our company: to combine our expertise in both statistics and information engineering in a tightly intertwined way.

Agilis is a company with an open and global mindset. Apart from the European Union and its member-states, we have undertaken consultancy projects and missions in such diverse places as Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam, Jordan and Barbados. We have an established international network of outstanding experts as well as long-standing international cooperations with other companies and academic and research institutions.

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